Effective Phase III all Non-RI Residents are permitted to Golf in Rhode Island with the exception of anyone whom resides in a 'stay-at-home' state cannot be permitted. Golf Carts and Push Carts ARE allowed. Dual cart riders are now permitted for all players. When players are from different households they must designate one person the driver and both wear face coverings while riding together. Social distancing requirements are enforced.  Thank you.

Calendar of Events

2020 Day 2020  Tournaments Time Tee Times Information
May 16 Sat Lombardo Memorial 12pm Shotgun Max  
Jun 1 Mon SENESGA 7am T Times Course Closed  
Jun 6 Sat St. Clare Church 8am Shotgun Available  
Jun 6 Sat Mansfield 1pm Shotgun Available   
Jun 13 Sat Sacred Heart 1pm Shotgun Available  
Jun 19 Fri Rite-Solutions 8am Shotgun Available  
Jul 10 Fri Gingerella Memorial 1pm Shotgun  Available  
Aug 7 Fri Quonny Cup 8am Shotgun  Available  
Aug 29 Sat Matunik open 9:00 TTimes Available  
Aug 29 Sat Family Guy 9am Shotgun Available  
Sep 26 Sat Dunns Corners Fire 12pm Shotgun Available  
Sep 27 Sun Richard DeRise 10 TTimes Available  
Oct 3 Sat WNUK 12pm Shotgun Course Closed  
Oct 9 Fri RITE SOLUTIONS 8am Shotgun Course closed till 1:30pm  
Oct 13 Tue OSWGA 9.30am Available  
Oct 19 Mon Capt Jacks 9am Shotgun Course closed  
Oct 25 Sun Turkey Shoot 10am Shotgun Course Closed  
Nov 11 Wed 2-Groups 9am TTimes Available