$40 - 7 days a week 18 with cart. 

Calendar of Events

2019 Day 2019  Tournaments Time Tee Times Information
Apr 6 Sat Irish Open 10am Shotgun Available  
May28 Tue SENESGA 7am T Times Course Closed  
Jun 1 Sat St. Clare Church 8am Shotgun Available  
Jun 8 Sat Mansfield 1 pmShotgun Available   
Jun 10 Mon CC O’Briens 10am Shotgun Course Closed  
Jun 15 Sat Sacred Heart 1pm Shotgun Available  
Jun 21 Fri Rite Solutions 8am Shotgun Available  
Jun 28 Fri Cally Club 1pm Shotgun Available  
Jul 12 Fri Gingerella Memorial 1pm Shotgun  Available  
Sep 8 Sat Frink 1pm Shotgun Availalble  
Sep 14 Fri Ashaway Sports Club 12:30 Shotgun Availalbe  
Sep 15 Sat Member/3 12pm Shotgun Available  
Sep 27 Fri Pescatello 1pm Shotgun Course Closed  
Sep 28 Sat WNUK 12am Shotgun Course Closed  
Oct 5 Sat WEEF 9am Shotgun Availalble  
Oct 27 Sun Turkey Shoot 10am Shotgun Course Closed